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Mystical & Spiritual Guide   of The Gardens of Babylon

Shamanic Women's Circle in The Gardens of Babylon

Put the frenzied demands of your life on pause as you gift yourself the opportunity to fully engage with your souls needs filling your cup with the medicine of a women’s sacred circle. 
Be welcomed and accepted into this sacred space void of all judgment & expectations just as you are. Each soul is recognized as unique and deeply valued for as women we understand that each piece is a vital part of the whole. We embrace the space created by silence as we abandon the need to rescue another woman from her experience and feelings.
Experience the dynamic process of sharing together as we give ourselves over to the fluctuating rhythm and flow of each gathering allowing the theme to be revealed trusting it to fulfil exactly that which is needed in that moment. Excepting that even if much of what happens in the space of the circle is invisible, we are still able to tap into the creative healing energy connecting us to our life's purpose on this Earth Walk. Knowing that the empowerment we generate in our sacred circle will be amplified, and the benefits we reap as individuals will radiate out as blessings to our loved ones, communities, and the Universe like ripples on a pond.
Coming together in harmony with the cycles of Grandmother Moon we begin by opening the circle, singing a mantra followed by a meditation to connect our souls with each other.
Each receives the space to share. Each shared moment is witnessed and received with reverence and humility.
Come to join your sisters, in safe sacred space of healing and transformation, allow your soul to be held within this sacred circle of the feminine. Following our sharing, we sit in silence creating the space for insights to arise. In addition, we will be working with Journey cards from Christopher Moon Bear Beaver to give us a foundation of focus and inner growth to contemplate until the circle is created again to further support healing and being whole.
Tea and light refreshments will be available

This sacred circle gathers in alignment with the New or Full Moon, you are free to come when you feel you need the support of the healing energy of this sacred circle.
This circle is offered on a Dhana Basis (Pay what you feel) suggested donation 10/15 euros
To ensure an intimate experience places are limited so please RSVP. Please let me know if you can't make a circle that you have RSVPed for as there is always a waiting list and your place can be given to another sister.

Wild as the Moon presents Dia de los Muertos w/ Behrouz & more

November 01, 2019

Wild as the Moon presents Dia De Los Muertos

Ahu ahu angel,

There is one very special event coming up!

▼ . ▼ . ▼ S H O W ▼ . ▼ . ▼
Date: November 2
Location: De Marktkantine
Doors open: 21:00

Block your calendar and save this date.
Time to reunite under the full moon.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ M U S I C A L P R O G R A M ▼ . ▼ . ▼

Sound Shapes
Deer Jade
Antonio Ponti Dj


*The Market of Curiosities*
We once again invited many many amazing beings that will sell their colourful creations for you to wear.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ T I C K E T S ▼ . ▼ . ▼
First release: €17,50
Second release: €20
Last release: €22,50

▼ . ▼ . ▼ M O O N M E D I T A T I O N ▼ . ▼ . ▼
The Moon Meditation - 22:00 - 22:30

Wild as the Moon starts every show with a powerful moon meditation. By allowing yourself to "arrive", you enter a new dimension. Together, we take a moment to get used to the energy around us. To step away from the outside world and into the new world. Conscious, mindful and aware. Let the words and music guide you to the ethereal planes and find out more about yourself.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ S H O W ▼ . ▼ . ▼
☽ Performers
☽ Massage Zone
☽ Secret Stage
☽ Card readings
☽ Energy Cleansings
☽ Market of Curiosities
☽ Facepaint

Beware, the good dreams come to life.
Ahu ahu,

Wild as the Moon

Presented to you by The Gardens of Babylon and De Marktkantine

Shamanic Drum Making Workshop with Peter de Haan

November 16, 2019


We are inviting you to the first Shamanic Drum Making Workshop by The Gardens of Babylon and Inspired Coaching. Would you like to spend a day nestled in the woods surrounded by water and the energy of gratitude amplified by shamanic rituals and a ceremony?

Sign up now to the process of making your very own Shamanic Drum guided by Master Drum Creator, Peter de Haan.

Creating a Healing Shaman Drum yourself in the course of one day is a wonderful experience. Working in multiple levels, both in the appearance of the drum and through the deeper level of Spirit. You will be guided through the whole process from choosing the right materials to teaching you how to make a superb sounding drum yourself.

Every step is created with ceremony and intentions every part of your drum is also a part of you.

About the Teacher:
Peter de Haan has been on the shamanic path since 1992 and has been led by many different physical and spiritual teachers. For more information please visit www.sjamaan.nl.

Tickets include all materials needed to make your Festival Drum and a vegan soup that we drink to complete the work.

Served during the workshop (also included):
Coffee, Tea and Water
Fruit and Nuts

Bring your own:
Pack a light lunch.

The location is in Amsterdam New West and will remain a secret that is only to be given to participants. We are looking forward to welcoming you on this magical journey.

With love,

The Gardens of Babylon & Inspired Coaching

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