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Mystical & Spiritual Guide   of The Gardens of Babylon

Shamanic Women's Circle in The Gardens of Babylon

Put the frenzied demands of your life on pause as you gift yourself the opportunity to fully engage with your souls needs filling your cup with the medicine of a women’s sacred circle. 
Be welcomed and accepted into this sacred space void of all judgment & expectations just as you are. Each soul is recognized as unique and deeply valued for as women we understand that each piece is a vital part of the whole. We embrace the space created by silence as we abandon the need to rescue another woman from her experience and feelings.
Experience the dynamic process of sharing together as we give ourselves over to the fluctuating rhythm and flow of each gathering allowing the theme to be revealed trusting it to fulfil exactly that which is needed in that moment. Excepting that even if much of what happens in the space of the circle is invisible, we are still able to tap into the creative healing energy connecting us to our life's purpose on this Earth Walk. Knowing that the empowerment we generate in our sacred circle will be amplified, and the benefits we reap as individuals will radiate out as blessings to our loved ones, communities, and the Universe like ripples on a pond.
Coming together in harmony with the cycles of Grandmother Moon we begin by opening the circle, singing a mantra followed by a meditation to connect our souls with each other.
Each receives the space to share. Each shared moment is witnessed and received with reverence and humility.
Come to join your sisters, in safe sacred space of healing and transformation, allow your soul to be held within this sacred circle of the feminine. Following our sharing, we sit in silence creating the space for insights to arise. In addition, we will be working with Journey cards from Christopher Moon Bear Beaver to give us a foundation of focus and inner growth to contemplate until the circle is created again to further support healing and being whole.
Tea and light refreshments will be available

This sacred circle gathers in alignment with the New or Full Moon, you are free to come when you feel you need the support of the healing energy of this sacred circle.
This circle is offered on a Dhana Basis (Pay what you feel) suggested donation 10/15 euros
To ensure an intimate experience places are limited so please RSVP. Please let me know if you can't make a circle that you have RSVPed for as there is always a waiting list and your place can be given to another sister.

Shamanic Womb Healing Ceremony

January 28, 2020

In the heart of every woman beats the longing to sit with her sisters, to connect deeply, share her vulnerability and to HEAL.

So let's start ❤️🙌💃

The womb: the female essence, sacred, intriguing and mystical place within woman's body 💃❤️

According to a dictionary, it is an „organ“ in the body of a woman where babies develop before birth. ...

But for us, women💃, it is much more than just an organ.

❤It is the holiest temple, your inner voice, where deepest guidance arise
❤Our womb connects us with all women around the world, forming a tribe a community.
❤For worse or for better, we feel every woman's joy and also her suffering (past, present and future).
❤It is all things divine, sacred and spiritual.

However, for many women in modern western society, contact with the womb is limited only when it concerns childbirth.
In my energy healing and bodywork practice, I have seen ladies being detached or even disconnected from her womb.

Interestingly, many of these women also feel incredibly unsatisfied, low and unhappy with their life.

During the Shamanic Womb Healing Ceremony, we shall be using the power of:
The group feminine energy
Shamanistic sacred ritual
Inviting your female ancestors in your lineage
Breathing technique
Sacred sharing
It is a magical, gentle yet extremely powerful way of liberating and activating your healing potential.


want to step into your fullest potential and manifest
want to gain more life energy and flourish
want to welcome your Divine feminine power
have experienced sexual trauma and are ready to release it
had a difficult childbirth/ menstrual pains/difficulties becoming pregnant

* We shall HEAL each and every woman present in the circle and also extend it to the collective female field outside.
** Also for women who no longer have a physical womb
*** Also for Man who resonates with the above, fully respect women and want to heal his feminine side

Very sacred, intimate and private setting, where you will feel Nurtured and Supported.

PRICE: EUR 33,- Includes many tasty refreshments

LOCATION: (if more than 12 ladies join, then we move to a bigger space in de Pijp)

Who is Monika Zampa?
An activists/feminist – co-parenting mum -lightworker- entrepreneur - a natural leader from the heart

Over the last 20+ years, I have been walking the path of spiritual self-discovery, healing self and others. By leading women circles, womb healing workshop, giving private life coaching and healing body sessions.
Specialising in re-establishing a positive flow in the body, raising your higher vibrations and eliminating deeply-rooted emotional and physical blockages.

Inspiring women to embrace the full potential and welcome abundance in a positive mind, health and financial freedom. I am very passionate and fully dedicated to my cause.

Saying STOP to the fears and YES to showing who you really ARE!

The Gardens of Babylon Amsterdam // Back to the Roots

January 31, 2020

Calling our family...

The line up is announced..
The program is ready...
Tickets are online on Tuesday 7th of January

Our quest into the hearts of our family started little more than three years ago, when we surrounded a central stage for a night together in Amsterdam. It was the beginning of a family, the start of many love stories, deep friendships and endless memories. And after leaving the warm nest for a little while, we long to go back..

Welcome to the first Back to the Roots Winterfestival, where we for one night bring the elements that define us to the location where we first saw the light...

Do you dare to guess which musician will guide us on our trip down memory lane?

In alphabetical order:
✩∘ Timujin
✩∘ unders
✩∘ Viken Arman

Supported by:
✩∘ Loewenthal
✩∘ Omri Guetta

Down tempo stage:
Heimlich Knüller

Spiritual Stage
Eva Kaczor & Joep Mencke
Katty Heath & Wasim Arslan

☆゚.BUT THERE'S MORE... So much more...
✩∘ Opening Ceremony & Meditation
✩∘ The Market of Curiosities

✩∘ PSYCHEDELLIC BREATH® by Eva Kaczor with Joep Mencke
Let Eva guide you through her transformative PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® into a state of non- ordinary consciousness while Joep Mencke will perform a special soundtrack he has created for the experience.Change the story of your past and open up to a new future by tapping into the source of true knowing: your heart.

✩∘ Family Dinner
After the PSYCHEDELLIC BREATH® we have a family dinner for the ones that stick around or the ones that will join.

✩∘ Spiritual Stage by Katty Heath
We welcome once again the magical musician Katty Heath to curate her spiritual stage in the area next door: WesterLiefde.

✩∘ Secret Stage
We invited your favourite musicians for an extended set in the basement... Who dares to dive in deep and disappear for a few hours?
✩∘ TBA

Tickets: online on Tuesday January 7
✩∘ Just Dance
✩∘ Dance & PSYCHEDELLIC BREATH® & Dinner
✩∘ Dance & Dinner

The Gardens of Babylon
The Gardens of Babylon is a global family that creates mythical shows around the world to combine the power of musical, visual and even spiritual dream effects to connect you to yourself and everyone around you.

Time to lose yourself in music, find yourself in life...


The Gardens of Babylon

Stay in touch:
Website: www.thegardensofbabylon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tgobamssyd
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thegardensofbabylon
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/thegardensofbabylon

TRACK ID: Morphine - The Other Side (unders extended remix)

The Gardens of Babylon April Yoga & Meditation Retreat

April 18, 2020


You found your way to this page because you long for a week dedicated to yourself?

After two incredible but advanced retreats at the magical Kabak Coyu, we will now head to Bonjuk Bay for a softer version. A retreat that is not completely in silence.

For one week we guide you through the perfect detox, hikes, daily sound healing & yoga practises spiritual teachings, a class on positive thinking, the practice of meditation and so much more. We serve a healthy vegetarian diet.

Time to retreat, read, be offline and enjoy the company of people like you at one of the most adored spots in Turkey, Bonjuk Bay.

April 19 - 26
Marmaris, Turkey

Prices include:
All teachings and classes
7 days of accommodation
7 days of incredible vegetarian & vegan food.

Prices exclude:
Flights and transfers to and from the location.

For instant reservations and/or questions please contact:

Much love,

The Gardens of Babylon

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